Player Rankings 2013-14

DBM RANKINGS 2013-2014


11Jeremy MorganTerrapins775
23John Graham-LeighMikland770.75
34Dave MadiganReigate669.75
45Chris SmithMercenary768.25
5=10Derek BruceSouthampton467.75
5=10Stuart BruceSouthampton467.75
712David SheppardBath667
86Russell KingMikland662.5
92Richard HardyScimitar559.75
1015Paul ApredaMercenary558.75
1116Kevin EverardColtishall653.75
1228Andy BrookerColtishall448.75
139John VaughanColtishall739.75
1417Tony BellScimitar438.25
1539John BrookerColtishall438
1620Drew JarmanEssex Warriors336.25
1714Tony GreenRugby236
188John CalvertMikland435
1945Neil HepworthGloucester232
20Dave MorrisonGloucester231.75
21=7Martin GolayPenarth431.25
21=Darrell PearceMercenary231.25
23Gareth EvansMercenary230.25
2435Harri ApredaMercenary227.75
2513Richard PerryCardiff120
26=51Andy DownMercenary318.5
26=26Ken CooperSELWG218.5
26=John PatrickGloucester118.5
26=31Ian PudneyIlford118.5
30John DavisEssex Warriors117
3132Duncan ThompsonSwindon616
32=27Robin Honey-FrazerColtishall114.75
32=18Steve LittlefieldSELWG114.75
32=18Geoff HanneySELWG114.75
32=John MeeFrome114.75
32=Jerry HendyFrome114.75
3738Ed GilheadFrome312.5
3825Gavin PearsonGloucester212.25
39=34Peter HockadayEssex Warriors111
39=47Chris ProudfootDurham111
4130Nick ColesMercenary210.25
42=46Paul BradyEssex Warriors110
42=23Tim MyallEssex Warriors110
42=41Haiden FisherColtishall310
42=Martin MitchellColtishall210
46Bill EdneyColtishall1  9.5
4753Kevin BakerColtishall1  8
4833Pete GoodrickColtishall1  7.75
49=37Pete HowlandMikland1  6.5
49=Richard LockwoodSoA1  6.5
5122Graham BullSELWG2  6.25
52=Esther MitchellColtishall1  6
52=53Gary EthridgeColtishall1  6
52=53Richard GillColtishall1  6
52=Neil BakerColtishall1  6
52=24Steve AspinallFrome2  6
57=41Matt BeasleyFrome1  4.25
57=41Steve EtheridgeFrome1  4.25
59Alan PaullColtishall1  2.5
60=47Bob BillingColtishall1  0.25
60=47Matthew VaughanColtishall1  0.25
60=Mark AllisonColtishall1  0.25

These rankings include the following competitions

Iceni, September 2013

Vexillum, October 2013

Climb British Camp, November 2013

Caesaromagus, December 2013

Godendag, January 2014

BHGS Challenge, April 2014

Venta Silurum, April 2014

Westbury Wars, May 2014

Roll Call, June 2014

Attack, July 2014

All competitions have been weighted equally, scoring 80 points for 1st place and 1 point for last place in traditional BHGS fashion.  Each player’s best four scores (or all scores, if fewer than four competitions played) have been added and the total divided by four.

Many congratulations to Jer Morgan for retaining his championship.


JGL 23.7.2014

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