Game Reports 2024

The 22nd in my series of themed DBM competitions, entitled “Hundred Years War”, featured Western European armies dated 1337 to 1396. British Isles armies dominated: the top three places were occupied by Scots, English and Irish armies.

Paul Apreda’s Condotta army defends its iconic architecture

It was an excellent weekend with a gorgeous display of knightly heraldry and some exciting games, notably the final top-table clash between Kevin Everard’s massed Scots pikemen and Pete Connew’s Low Countries army (Pete had opted to be the Count of Holland with all feudal troops rather than rely on the Flemish burghers), Pete Howland as Charles the Bad of Navarre in a very close win over David Glew as Pedro the Cruel, and Jeremy Morgan’s Irish absorbing Martin Golay’s Germans among the bogs and forests.

Heavy concentration by Nick Coles and Derek Bruce

Charles the Bad (right) defies Charles the Wise of France

The full results are at Themed Competitions Archives – JGL War Games Next year’s theme will be “Solomon in all his Glory”, with armies dated between 1000 and 850 BC.

Prizewinners – Kevin Everard, Duncan Thompson, John Vaughan. The pictures are original artwork by Terri Julians.

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