Wargaming with De Bellis Multitudinis

This site is dedicated primarily to the De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) set of wargames rules, for battles with model soldiers representing ancient and medieval armies, written by Phil Barker and Richard Bodley Scott.  The rules were originally published in 1993 and rapidly became the most popular set for competitions.  In its heyday DBM had a following of several thousand players worldwide; since 2007 numbers have declined but there are regular competitions in southern England and Wales, the USA and Western Australia.

House Rules

Version 3.2 is available at DE BELLIS MULTITUDINIS (wrg.me.uk) as a free download from Phil Barker’s Wargames Research Group website – many thanks to Phil for making this resource available.  The latest version of the rules is 3.4, which is DBM 3.2 with the 3.3 and 3.4 minor amendments listed on this site under “House Rules”.

This site contains the results of DBM competitions held in Britain since 1996, details of forthcoming competitions and player rankings for competitors in Britain.

Version DBM 3.4 Amendments are the current rules that were voted on by players in 2020 – https://jglwargames.com/house-rules/

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