Player Rankings 2014-15

DBM RANKINGS 2014-2015


11Jeremy MorganTerrapins778.25
23Dave MadiganReigate573.25
34Chris SmithMercenary568.5
425Richard PerryCardiff466.25
52John Graham-LeighMikland765.75
6=11Kevin EverardColtishall764.5
6=11John VaughanColtishall764.5
88Russell KingMikland763
916Drew JarmanEssex Warriors462.25
105Derek BruceSouthampton356.5
1110Paul ApredaMercenary555.5
127David SheppardBath653.75
1312Andy BrookerColtishall548.25
14=11Martin GolayPenarth345.5
14=17Tony GreenRugby345.5
1615John BrookerColtishall543.5
178Stuart BruceSouthampton240
1818John CalvertMikland639.75
19=21Darrell PearceMercenary231
19=31Duncan ThompsonSwindon831
2126Ken CooperSELWG326
2238Gavin PearsonGloucester224
2341Nick ColesMercenary322.75
2423Gareth EvansMercenary222.25
2542Haiden FisherColtishall320.5
2626Andy DownMercenary220
2724Harri ApredaMercenary114.75
2819Neil HepworthGloucester114.5
29=32Robin Honey-FrazerColtishall113
29=48Pete GoodrickColtishall113
29==46Bill EdneyColtishall113
3249Pete HowlandMikland112.25
3326Ian PudneyIlford110
34=9Richard HardyScimitar19.5
34=14Tony BellScimitar19.5
3639Peter HockadayEssex Warriors18.75
37=52Steve AspinallFrome28.5
37=Pete ConnewFrome28.5
3937Ed GilheadFrome36.5
40=42Martin MitchellColtishall26
40=60Mark AllisonColtishall26
40=Will TalbotColtishall16
40=51Graham BullSELWG16
4447Kevin BakerColtishall25.25
45=52Richard GillColtishall12.5
45=32John MeeFrome12.5
45=57Steve EtheridgeFrome12.5
45=42Tim MyallEssex Warriors12.5
4942Paul BradyEssex Warriors11.25
5052Neil BakerColtishall10.5
51=20Dave MorrisonGloucester10.25
51=Dan SkinnerMikland10.25


These rankings include the following competitions

Iceni, September 2014

Vexillum, October 2014

Climb British Camp, November 2014

Caesaromagus, December 2014

Godendag, January 2015

BHGS Challenge, April 2015

Venta Silurum, April 2015

Westbury Wars, May 2015

Roll Call, June 2015

Attack, July 2015

All competitions have been weighted equally, scoring 80 points for 1st place and 1 point for last place in traditional BHGS fashion. Each player’s best four scores (or all scores, if fewer than four competitions played) have been added and the total divided by four.


Many congratulations to Jer Morgan on finishing top for the third successive year.


JGL 21.7.2015

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