Player Rankings 2011-12

DBM RANKINGS 2011-2012


11John Graham-LeighMikland769.95
25Jeremy MorganTerrapins567.4
32Dave MadiganReigate566.59
46Richard HardyScimitar466.5
54Russell KingMikland860.4
63Chris SmithMercenary559.91
717Tony GreenRugby458.73
814Tony BellScimitar353.06
9=23Steve LittlefieldSELWG352
9=23Geoff HanneySELWG352
1133Martin GolayPenarth449.5
1221John CalvertMikland545.5
1311Kevin EverardColtishall545.14
1415John VaughanColtishall537.22
1525Gavin PearsonGloucester232.4
16=9Derek BruceSouthampton232.05
16=9Stuart BruceSouthampton232.05
18Neil HepworthGloucester230.2
198Nigel PooleGloucester428.23
2019Nick ColesMercenary227.4
2119Paul ApredaMercenary220.2
2222Darrell PearceMilton Keynes120
2316Philip DonaldScimitar219.35
2431Chris ProudfootDurham117.8
2530Stephen WelfordFrome414.45
2628Robin Honey-FrazerColtishall114.29
27=12Richard PerryCardiff113.85
27=12Jason ScottCardiff113.85
2957Andy DownMercenary213
3043Pete ConnewFrome212.3
31Martyn RogersMikland111.2
3241Ken CooperSELWG310.75
33=37Andy BrookerColtishall18.57
33=37John BrookerColtishall18.57
33=37Paul ReasonColtishall18.57
3643Jeremy TaylorFrome17.7
37=42Joe BlackerSELWG17.4
37=48John NicolsonSELWG17.4
3945Steve AspinallFrome14.6
4046Duncan RobinsonSwindon13.8
4140Duncan ThompsonSwindon33.59
4234Pete HowlandMikland12.4
43Ian DoyleMercenary12
44=48Jerry HendyFrome11.55
44=48Steve EtheridgeFrome11.55
4647Graham BullSELWG30.75
47=32Bryan EdwardsSELWG10.25
47=36Drew JarmanEssex Warriors10.25
47=51Ed GillheadFrome10.25
47=Chris McNeilSELWG10.25
47=George WarrenMikland10.25

These rankings include the following competitions

Iceni, September 2011

Forest Foray, October 2011

Vexillum, October 2011

Godendag, January 2012

Venta Silurum, April 2012

Westbury Wars, May 2012

Roll Call, June 2012

Attack, July 2012

All competitions have been weighted equally, scoring 80 points for 1st place and 1 point for last place in traditional BHGS fashion.  Each player’s best four scores (or all scores, if fewer than four competitions played) have been added and the total divided by four.

JGL 14.8.2012

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