Anderida 2000-2009

Anderida was a hugely popular themed DBM doubles competition, originated by Michael Grant and later run by Eric Cruttenden, held at Pevensey Bay in Sussex from 1998 to 2009.  In its final year two parallel competitions were run, one using Field of Glory rules.  The competition ended due to Eric’s ill-health coinciding with the closure of part of the usual venue: it is sadly missed.


Anderida, 11/12 November 2000

15mm DBM doubles

“The Macedonians and their Enemies”

PosnPlayersArmyAlliesTotal ScoreScores by round
1M Naylor & P DenhamArabo-Aramaean (Hatra)Parthian4010101010
2A HarleyEarly CarthaginianNumidian3110669
3J Graham-Leigh & R KingMarian Roman301010010
4D Pearce & J MorganGraeco-BactrianSaka3061059
5B Espie & S RobsonBosporanSkythian29310610
6S Royle & J ScottClassical IndianClassical Indian27010107
7=R Would & M WilkinsonHellenistic Greek26101060
7=N Bennett & R PimlottMarian RomanGalatian2657410
7=E Cruttenden & A WallerLater Pre-Islamic ArabNomad Arab2651056
10=D Parish & P WoodsLater Achaemenid Persian25101041
10=P Hardy & L FarleyMarian RomanGalatian25100105
12=N Ellard & I HartleyAlexandrian ImperialClassical Indian2410554
12=I Pudney & M MitraClassical IndianClassical Indian245586
14=D, S & G BruceAlexandrian ImperialClassical Indian2310553
14=R Glanfield & K FisherParthianLater Pre-Islamic Arab2310058
14=P Glover & partnerSeleucidParthian2341054
17=R Perry & partnerBosporanSkythian2271041
17=A Crowther & M KnightSeleucid225656
19=R Cooke & D FairfaxSeleucidHellenistic Greek (Aitolian)215655
19=G Willmott & A HuytonParthianArabo-Aramaean (Hatra)2101056
21=Another entry from West KentGraeco-Bactrian20100100
21=C Sharpe & R WalesEarly CarthaginianNumidian205528
21=J Nicholls & S ChurchillGraeco-IndianClassical Indian2044210
21=R Jeffrey-Cook & G CoatesSeleucid205465
25=L Procter & R YoungSeleucid1910450
25=L Greaves & R McCammonKyrenean GreekEarly Libyan1950104
25=G & A Fordham & C CoxwellPtolemaic1910054
28B & D HarmanMaccabean Jewish180756
29=M Irving & G HorwoodLater Achaemenid Persian175552
29=M Searle & D ReeveSeleucid1700107
31=P Fencott & J KirkKushan166550
31=A Bird, J Parker & D SpencerPolybian RomanHellenistic Greek (Aitolian)165344
31=M Jones, A Heath & C BarnabyAlexandrian Macedonian160556
34=D Whittenbury & S NeateEarly Carthaginian150780
34=T Silvey & B ThornhillClassical IndianClassical Indian1505010
34=P Steele & P SzuscikiewiczMithridaticEarly Armenian150366
37P Rummery & R WarrenGalatian1401004
38=S Kippax & S HornPolybian RomanNumidian134054
38=M & R HarmanAlexandrian Macedonian1300103
38=N Roberts & N O’BrienMaccabean Jewish136052
41I Dyer & A ParrockLater Achaemenid Persian1010000
42B Muller & B HoneMassagetaeMountain Indian70340
43=P Dale & C AgerParthianParthian (Elymaian)50005
43=M Grant & J JanesCamillan Roman50005

3rd place decided by percentage losses in final game

A Harley entered with A Scott who kindly agreed to command the Reserve Army when it became necessary


Anderida, 12/13 November 2005

15mm DBM doubles

“A Thousand Years Ago” – All armies dated 1005 AD

PosnTeam NoPlayersArmyTotal ScoreScores by roundOpponents by round
130Simon & Matthew HallHindu Indian345101093371531
232Darrell Pearce & Jeremy MorganTamil Indian (Chola Empire)3210391028351336
311Derek & Stuart BruceNikephorian Byzantine3071085629209
49John Mumford & Dave MadiganAndalusian306109522381011
5=31Martin Naylor & Greg MannHindu Indian (Rajput)299910134243530
5=20James Parker, David Spencer & Andy DaviesKhazar291072102613111
7=15Dave Parish & Patrick WoodsNikephorian Byzantine2661001019183012
7=28Nik Gaukroger & John CalvertHindu Indian2601010632263325
9=5Andrew Coulson & Jeavon HoodEast Frankish255510573323
9=24Andy & Matthew Dallman & John GranvillChristian Nubian251016825311222
11=3Malcolm Gordon & Steven HardyNorse Leidang (Swedish)241045581015
11=25Paul & James StovellChristian Nubian240101042423428
1310Nigel Ellard & Ivan HartleyAndalusian231061643935
14=2Lee Sanders & John HoganNorse Viking (Dublin Viking)2165010112521
14=35Mike & Jenn KlakaEarly Samurai211070436323110
16=4John Graham-Leigh & Russell KingWest Frankish (Aquitanian)20010010108257
16=16Mark Lewis & John HolkhamRus2045561221637
16=22Steve Goldsmith & Steve WiltshireFatimid Egyptian2049529371424
16=33Hans Kroonenburg & Ian GardnerTamil Indian20550103052814
16=36Jim Nicholls & Paul HullEarly Samurai2001010035342932
21=1Alan Huyton & Graham WillmottPre-Feudal Scots1941050219320
21=6Richard Jeffrey-Cook & David EdwardsEast Frankish19365511141613
21=13Alan Waller & Eric CruttendenNikephorian Byzantine19103152320326
2429Graeme Carroll & Graham JonssonHindu Indian (Rajput)18900914113623
25=37Nick O’Brien & Dave TurnerFeudal Spanish17418438221916
25=38John Orange & Dave PuttAndalusian1760653792118
2718Richard Love & Nicky NewtonRus1660552115738
2812Graham Cross & Michael SearleNikephorian Byzantine1565401622415
29=8Kieron Smith & Stuart BrothertonMiddle Anglo-Saxon130076343419
29=21Paul FencottPecheneg1345401816382
31=7Rod Glanfield & Kevan ReidEarly Slav (Wends)105050530184
31=14Warren Thompson & Steve TusonNikephorian Byzantine1014502962233
31=19Malcolm Osborne & Tony CrowtherEarly Serbian104024151378
3426Robert HarmanBuyid9003620282334
35=23Graham Fordham & Chris CoxwellFatimid Egyptian8007113252629
35=34Barry & Derek HarmanKhmer810343136826

Trophies were awarded to the top three finishers, plus:

Bravely Fought Prize: shared between the two teams in 35th place

Junior Prizes: Matthew Hall and Stuart Bruce

Best Painted Army: Nick O’Brien and Dave Turner’s Feudal Spanish

Best Baggage: Mike & Jenn Klaka’s Early Samurai

Society of Ancients Special Award: Kieron Smith & Stuart Brotherton, for their courage in bringing Middle Anglo-Saxons


Anderida, 11/12 November 2006

15mm DBM doubles

“Holy Land” – armies which campaigned or were based in Palestine or southern Syria

PosnTeam NoPlayersArmyTotal ScoreScores by roundOpponents by round
114Lee Sanders & John HoganEarly Imperial Roman, 114 AD326106101310120
28Paddy Woods & Mark LewisSeleucid, 281 BC321021010720244
322Darrell Pearce & Jeremy MorganFatimid Egyptian, 1167 AD311010562128206
46Nick Bennett & Jim NichollsNeo-Assyrian Later Sargonid, 680 BC2868104516322
51Steve Tuson & Warren ThompsonNew Kingdom Egyptian, 1199 BC2789462181428
610Paul & James StovellSeleucid, 166 BC26601010914163
728Mike & Jenn KlakaTimurid, 1400 AD241001042722231
8=15Mike Searle & Graham CrossPalmyran, 260 AD234510416131825
8=25Andrew Coulson & Jeavon HoodLater Crusader, 1191 AD23566626232115
8=20Nik Gaukroger & John CalvertAbbasid Arab, 836 AD23108501982214
1121David Edwards & Steve WiltshireEarly Crusader, 1098 AD22010482219259
12=4John Graham-Leigh & Russell KingNeo-Assyrian Empire, 701 BC2156100311178
12=17Rod Glanfield & Kevan ReedPalmyran, 272 AD21110010182426
14=12Alan WallerMarian Roman, 64 BC2050510113723
14=24Malcolm Gordon & Steve HardyFatimid Egyptian, 1167 AD20410062326813
16=5Malcolm Osborne & Tony CrowtherEarly Bedouin, 680 BC194555691311
16=11Barry & Derek HarmanMaccabean Jewish, 148 BC19545512495
1813James Parker & Andy DaviesPtolemaic, 55 BC1845541415524
19=7Andy Dallman & John GlanvillEarly Achaemenid Persian, 480 BC1605568271218
19=9Adrian Bird & Orhan ErtughrulSeleucid, 281 BC1645521051121
21=3Alan Huyton & Graham WillmottLibyan Egyptian, 946 BC1551000412610
21=19Matt Easom & Matthew DallmanAbbasid Arab, 795 BC15005102021227
23=18Graeme Carroll & Graham JonssonPatrician Roman, 450 AD149104171157
23=26Robert HarmanKhwarizmian, 1227 AD14509025242717
2516Eric CruttendenHittite Empire, 1274 BC136205156102
262Kieron Smith & Stuart BrothertonEarly Bedouin, 999 BC1220551171916
2723John Holkham & Dave TurnerFatimid Egyptian, 1167 AD10640024252812
2827Deon WhittakerIlkhanid, 1260 AD605102872619

First place decided on elements lost in last game

Trophies were awarded to the top three finishers, plus:

Best Painted Army: James Parker and Andy Davies

Best Baggage: Nick Bennett and Jim Nicholls

Bravely Fought Prize: Deon Whittaker

Junior Prizes: James Stovell and Matthew Dallman

Society of Ancients Special Award: Alan Waller, for sportingly agreeing to play solo to even up the number of teams


Anderida, 10/11 November 2007

15mm DBM doubles

“The Great Commanders”

PosnTeam NoPlayersArmyTotal ScoreScores by roundOpponents by round
120Derek & Stuart BruceBasil II – Nikephorian Byzantine3551010101716129
217Graham Willmott & Paul StovellBelisarius – Early Byzantine305105102023127
313Richard Jeffrey-Cook & Ray BriggsPan Ch’ao – Han Chinese291010451422919
419Nik Gaukroger & John CalvertMahmud of Ghazni – Ghaznavid29109552215813
58Lee Sanders & John HoganHannibal – Later Carthaginian2761056921195
6=5Patrick Woods & John HolcombPyrrhus – Pyrrhic261057441278
6=29John Mumford & Nick O’BrienMehmed II – Ottoman2610106030281320
8=12Steve Tuson & Warren ThompsonCaesar – Marian Roman2510555105172
8=15Graham Briggs & Paul FencottAetius – Patrician Roman259151016191824
8=18Matthew Easom & Matthew DallmanCharlemagne – Carolingian Frankish25465102191510
11=2Dave Parish & Jim NichollsAshurbanipal – Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonid2410095313412
11=16Andy Dallman & John GlanvillAttila – Hunnic24149101514119
13=1John Graham-Leigh & Russell KingSolomon – Later Hebrew2156010762014
13=4Malcolm Gordon & Stephen HardyAlexander – Alexandrian Macedonian210101105326
13=25Orhan Ertughrul & Phil SteeleKublai Khan – Yuan Chinese21554726241028
1630James Stovell & Alan HuytonJanos Hunyadi – Later Hungarian20066829272621
17=7Mike Searle & Graham CrossShih Huang-Ti – Ch’in Chinese1851030111517
17=28Adrian Bird & David SpencerMontezuma I – Aztecs181005327292425
1926Mike & Jenn KlakaTimur – Timurid17504825203027
20=10David Edwards & Steve WiltshireSertorius – Ancient Spanish15096012222518
20=24Barry & Derek HarmanEdward Longshanks – Feudal English15555023252815
22=9Graeme CarrollScipio – Polybian Roman144460818616
22=21Eric CruttendenBasil II – Nikephorian Byzantine1460621881430
22=22Robert HarmanGenghis Khan – Mongol Conquest1401491910323
25=3Malcolm Osborne, Tony Crowther & Jason JanesNebuchadnezzar II – Neo Babylonian130067242211
25=6Alan WallerPyrrhus – Pyrrhic13544011194
27=23Deon Whittaker & Alain PadfieldFrederick II – Sicilian11505124172722
27=27Kieron Smith & Stuart BrothertonJoan of Arc – Medieval French11045228302326
2914Aubrey & Frank HopkinsAetius – Patrician Roman1006401316211
3011Kevan Reed & Rod GlanfieldSurenas – Parthian9501367163

Third place decided on elements lost in last game

Trophies were awarded to the top three finishers, plus:

Best Painted Army: Adrian Bird (Aztecs)

Best Baggage: Barry Harman (Feudal English)

Bravely Fought Prize: Kevan Reed & Rod Glanfield

Junior Prizes: Matthew Dallman and James Stovell

Society of Ancients Special Award: Robert Harman, for an outstanding act of sportsmanship. Deon Whittaker had prepared some spectacular ships, but had been unable to deploy them in the first three games because he failed the waterway roll each time. In the fourth game, against Robert, he failed the roll again: Robert allowed him to place the waterway anyway so that the ships could be launched, even though a waterway narrowing the table was the last thing a Mongol army wanted.


Anderida, 8/9 November 2008

15mm DBM doubles

“The Grandeur That Was Rome”

PosnTeam NoPlayersArmyTotal ScoreScores by roundOpponents by round
116Darrell Pearce & Jeremy MorganSassanid Persian, 359 AD3410951014151217
212Colin Sharpe & Mike BennettPictish, 211 AD33101058192164
315Graham Willmott & Paul StovellPictish, 347 AD31101101091636
41John Graham-Leigh & Russell KingCamillan Roman, 340 BC29586106101820
52Warren Thompson & Steve TusonEarly Rhoxolani Sarmatian, 310 BC2510051013121418
64Mike Searle & Graham CrossSeleucid, 204 BC246610253712
77Adrian Bird & David SpencerMarian Roman, 74 BC213801035413
8=17Malcolm Osborne, Tony Crowther & Jason JanesNobades, 400 AD2010550818616
8=6David Edwards & Steve WiltshireSeleucid, 140 BC20510501111715
10=14Phil Steele & Chris AgerEarly Armenian, 220 AD190955161328
10=20Eric Cruttenden & Alan WallerHunnic, 450 AD19271001819101
128Mike & Jenn KlakaMarian Roman, 42 BC180585179514
13=3Lee SandersGallic, 210 BC177406741511
13=18Greg Reeve & Stewart EdwardsLater Visigothic, 419 AD178540201712
1511Barry & Derek HarmanJewish Revolt, 132 AD15506410693
169Kevin Large & Andy RourkeEarly Imperial Roman, 16 AD140545158115
175Paul FencottParthian, 147 BC1342254789
1810James Parker & Andy DaviesEarly Imperial Roman, 89 AD1252051112019
1913Alan Huyton & James StovellSassanid Persian, 220 AD100190214197
2019Robert HarmanHunnic, 433 AD9031512201310

Trophies were awarded to the top three finishers, plus:

Best Painted Army: James Parker & Andy Davies (Early Imperial Roman)

Best Baggage: Barry Harman (Hunnic – army used by Robert Harman but painted by Barry)

Bravely Fought Prize: Robert Harman

Junior Prizes: James Stovell

Society of Ancients Special Award: Paul Fencott, for displaying the Spirit of Anderida by losing six generals in his games.


Anderida, 7/8 November 2009

15mm DBM doubles

“The Flower of Chivalry – 1300 AD”



PlayersArmyTotal ScoreScores by roundOpponents by round
1FDarrell Pearce & Jeremy MorganYuan Chinese34610810BDHA
2DJohn Graham-Leigh and Russell KingGolden Horde2560109CFGJ
3HMike Searle & Graham CrossMedieval German229625GJFC
4CKevin Everard & John VaughanCentral Asian Turkish (Uighur)214665DBJH
5APaul FencottDog Peoples1911080JGBF
6JGreg Reeve & Stewart EdwardsYuan Chinese189441AHCD
7GEric Cruttenden & Alan WallerTuareg1110010HADB
8BBarry & Derek HarmanKhmer104420FCAG

Trophies were awarded to the top two finishers, plus:

Best Baggage: Barry Harman


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