25mm Competitions 2003

War Cry II – 2003

25mm DBM Singles, 400 AP



PositionPlayer NumberPlayer NameArmyOpponents each roundScore each roundFinal score
1st5John SampsonMithridatic 110 BC1492729313020110
2nd14Andy ClaxtonWest Sudanese 1424AD229214302303294
3rd20Steve LittlefieldEarly Samurai 1050AD9112518528303093
4th9John Graham-LeighNorse Viking 830AD201456273023089
5th26Chris RichardsAnglo Norman 1076AD12232228426302888
6th27John BuckleyMalacca Malay24181353216271287
7th12Don McHughSassanid Persian 360AD2671522829131686
8th13Steve HackerE / Late Roman 400AD6172711163253184
9th2Mike LaneE / Achaemenid 479AD12116122016311683
 15Phil ClaxtonSeleucid 140BC21812101632191683
11th10Phil JellyHellenistic Aitolian 197231618152720161679
12th16Brian O’DeaE /Late Roman 325AD251021301213174
13th15Craig AllenE / Patrician Roman 430162420323123267
14th18Adrian NashE / Late Roman 396AD28271020311616265
15th21Max IrvineFrench Ordonnance1521417161623064
 28Daniel McHughAxumites 550AD182232613128464
17th4Keith McGlynnE / Patrician Roman 48519571430130061
18th6Mark ClarkeHellenistic Spartan13319161624258
19th23Gavin PearsonNubian 1600BC102617756133054
20th24Neil HepworthFeudal Spanish 1064AD272519801213153
21st11John PatrickL / Macedonian 260BC7208139430144
22nd1Russell KingFeudal French 1204AD5196163318143
23rd22Geoff HanneySerbian Empire142826192123136
 3Barry HillSiamese 1237AD86282516164036
25th17Mike BradfordKhmer 1175AD213232112019132
26th7Phil BarkerE / Late Roman 395AD11124232332230
27th8Sue Laflin BarkerPalmyans 272AD3811241602119
28th19Jimmy WaltonEarly Germans 69AD4124222111115



25mm DBM singles, 350 AP



  1=23Ian MackayMedieval Portuguese 1385 AD1010510352211314
  1=3Steve HackerLater Hoplite Greek    369 BC101051035416232
  318Alasdair HarleyNorse Leidang  1070   AD510810331910826
  4=5John PatrickLater Macedonian 148 BC101108291314719
  4=1Andy RustonNeo-Assyrian Later Sargonid 654 BC27101029217168
  610Ade NashLate Imperial Roman 350 AD5010102524182111
  7=17John Graham-LeighNorse Viking 1066 AD131010241612412
  7=19Phil ClaxtonFanatic Berber 1140 AD51072241824125
  7=14Don McHughPatrician Roman 465 AD1095024155223
102Richard & Ned Bodley ScottLydian 546 BC8105023116143
117Ade GarbettMithridatic 47 BC380102162054
1226Tom ClaxtonWars of the Roses English 1470 AD10010020932218
13=6Keith McGlynnEarly Imperial Roman 79 AD71020197211816
13=16Andy ClaxtonChristian Nubian 1000 AD900101917216
1511Andrew WhitbyLate Imperial Roman 390 AD90901812231310
1621Mark ClarkeTupi 1250 AD70010172081022
1715Mike BradfordEarly Ostrogothic 470 AD015101614222520
1824Nigel PooleMedieval French 1400 AD500101510191725
1912Dave MorrisonLate Imperial Roman 325 AD11030141191917
208Steve PriceEarly Imperial Roman 102 AD10201221181
214Colin EvansParthian 180 BC011001131397
2213Phil BarkerLate Imperial Roman 395 AD091105411
2322Russell KingHundred Years’ War English 1356 AD0900  923152621
24=20Barry HillSiamese 1238 AD32005217615
24=25Ian WalkbyMedieval German 1495 AD5051524
269Sue LaflinPalmyran 273 AD000026124


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