25mm Competitions 2002


25mm 350 AP DBM.  Singles or teams of 2.

PositionPlayer/TeamArmyDate Score
  1Ian MackayMedieval Portuguese1384 AD35
  2Steve HackerAbbasid Arab  780 AD35
  3Don McHughLate Imperial Roman  399 AD34
  4Duncan AynsleyMedieval German1451 AD30
  5=John Rolfe/Mike LaneEarly Achaemenid Persian  479 BC29
  5=Richard PearcePatrician Roman  410 AD29
  7John Graham-Leigh/ Russell KingPyrrhic  279 BC28
  8Richard and Ned Bodley ScottLater Carthaginian  236 BC26
  9=Barry HillSouthern Dynasties Chinese  360 AD25
  9=Gavin PearsonNubian1400 BC25
11Keith McGlynnEarly Imperial Roman    43 AD21
12Phil ClaxtonSeleucid  149 BC20
13=Dave HughesLater Carthaginian  236 BC19
13=Andy ClaxtonMedieval German1320 AD19
13=Steve PriceWest Sudanese1480 AD19
16Kevin JacksonEarly Imperial Roman  102 AD17
17=John Patrick/Nigel PooleItalian Condotta1320 AD15
17=Andy UnwinNeo-Babylonian  605 BC15
17=John HughesNeo-Assyrian Later Sargonid  650 BC15
20Colin Evans/Dave MorrisonParthian    75 BC10
21Michael GrantPolybian Roman  200 BC  6
22Dave CoxEarly Imperial Roman    43 AD  3

First place decided on tie-break – average of each player’s opponents’ scores.

Five rounds were played, but the third round was optional and the totals are those of each player’s/team’s best four scores.  Eight players/teams played the optional round.


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