Player Rankings 2022-23

DBM RANKINGS 2022-2023

13Dave MadiganReigate780
21Jeremy MorganEssex Warriors978.75
317Chris SmithMercenary574.75
414Gavin PearsonGloucester468.25
52John Graham-LeighMikland866
67Russell KingMikland865.25
7=10Paul ApredaMercenary663
7=17Nick ColesMercenary663
913John CalvertMikland662.75
1011John VaughanCowards859.25
11Andy LeeserEssex Warriors457.75
124Andy BrookerCowards453.75
138Derek BruceSouthampton342.5
145Dean AstillberryCowards341.5
1529Tony BellMercenary238.75
1615Pete ConnewFrome538.5
177Kevin EverardCowards437.5
1812David SheppardBath337
1921Duncan ThompsonSwindon933.5
2015Richard NewlandFrome430.25
2119Ken WarrenCowards229.5
22Kim BrookerCowards227.75
2333John DavisEssex Warriors226.75
24=27Martin GolayPenarth223.75
24=Tony GreenScimitar223.75
2618Paul HolmesEssex Warriors523
2726Richard PerryCardiff117.75
2833Drew JarmanMercenary317.5
29Steve BettyBridgend116.5
30David GlewThornbury416.25
3138John MeeFrome315
326John BrookerCowards113
3326Richard GillNorwich Rearguard213.5
34=29Ken CooperSELWG212.75
34=29Andy DownSELWG212.75
3638Steve EtheridgeFrome211.25
3732Kevin BakerCowards19.5
38=Ed GilheadMercenary18.75
38=Stuart BruceSouthampton18.75
40=22Tim MyallEssex Warriors16.25
40=24Neil HepworthGloucester16.25
42Brian AshMercenary24.5
4340Paul FarbonNorwich Rearguard14.25
44Marc PriestMercenary22.25

These rankings include the following competitions

Climb British Camp, August 2022

Iceni, September 2022

Holigost, October 2022

London Grand Tournament (BHGS Team Championship), October 2022

Vexillum, October 2022

Venta Silurum, April 2023

Westbury Wars, May 2023

Corinium, June 2023

Venta Icenorum, July 2023

Attack! July 2023

All competitions have been weighted equally, scoring 80 points for 1st place and 1 point for last place in traditional BHGS fashion. Each player’s best four scores (or all scores, if fewer than four competitions played) have been added and the total divided by four.

For the first time in a decade, Jeremy Morgan is not the leading player – Dave Madigan, with four competition wins, pushes him into second place. Many congratulations to Dave.

JGL 30.8.2023

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