Singles Competitions 2023


25mm DBM singles


25mm DBM singles

PosnNo.PlayerArmyTotalScores by roundOpponents by round
15Jeremy MorganLate Imperial Roman, 338 AD3510101056382
27Paul ApredaItalian Condotta, 1437 AD26641068241
32Andy LeeserPergamene, 131 BC24667*517*5
48Nick ColesWars of the Roses English 1485 AD19410057156
54John Graham-LeighEarly Imperial Roman, 105 AD1701007*367*
61Duncan ThompsonPyrrhic, 286 BC1340542867
7=6Russell KingEarly Crusader, 1098 AD1000555418
7=3Derek BruceMarian Roman, 49 BC1010045

* Bye

CLIMB BRITISH CAMP, 26/27 August 2023

25mm DBM singles

PosnNo.PlayerArmyTotalScores by roundOpponents by round
16Jeremy MorganNorman, 1066 AD3410591051023
210John Graham-LeighLater Swiss, 1480 AD301055109684
31Paul HolmesSeleucid, 281 BC2155562348
48John VaughanTupi, 1200 AD19555474101
5=2Gavin PearsonMithridatic, 82 BC1858141765
5=3Duncan ThompsonMiddle Imperial Roman, 285 AD1855804196
79Paul ApredaLater Swiss, 1477 AD170102510537
85Andy LeeserSuevi, 405 AD16001066972
94John CalvertLate Imperial Roman, 315 AD15555038110
107Russell KingAnglo-Norman, 1151 AD1252058259

Venta Icenorum, 1-2 July 2023

15mm DBM singles

PosnNo.PlayerArmyTotal scoreScores by roundOpponents by round
16Dave MadiganEarly T’ang Chinese, 666 AD943032161621194
24Jeremy MorganMarian Roman, 53 BC85201930161526
35Ken WarrenEarly T’ang Chinese, 660 AD80181319309471
49Chris SmithYuan Chinese, 1261 AD801432161853611
57Duncan ThompsonBavarian, 769 AD751616133031252
63Dean Astillberry & John VaughanCh’in Chinese, 299 BC691602330791012
711Andy LeeserMedieval Portuguese, 1385 AD66320201486129
81Andy & Kim BrookerMakkan, 950 BC52121622241085
910Drew JarmanYuan Chinese, 1276 AD51141691212138
1012Brian AshOttoman, 1458 AD481816122107113
112Richard GillAsiatic Early Successor, 320 BC38232226847
128Paul Holmes*Norman, 1061 AD30001020112110

3rd and 4th places decided by head-to-head result

*John Vaughan partnered Paul Holmes in Round 4

WESTBURY WARS, 20/21 May 2023

25mm DBM singles

PosnNo.PlayerArmyTotalScores by roundOpponents by round
14Jeremy MorganParthian, 250 BC311010653751
25Derek BruceMarian Roman, 49 BC26894562412
3=8John Graham-LeighCarolingian Frankish, 800 AD251951073111
3=7Gavin PearsonPalmyran, 272 AD259061084112
51Paul ApredaLibyan Egyptian, 946 BC233105521284
612Nick ColesWars of the Roses English, 1485 AD216010511135
76John CalvertEarly Imperial Roman, 105 AD16245551123
811Russell KingRomanian Frank, 1310 AD14464012678
92Paul Holmes & Marc Priest*Seleucid, 281 BC1371501567
103Duncan ThompsonLater Carthaginian 275 BC6010548126

*Marc played only in the first two games

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