Roll Call 2015

Roll Call 2015

15mm DBM singles

PosnNo.PlayerArmyTotalScores by roundOpponents by round
16John VaughanEarly T’ang Chinese, 617 AD93183112329385
28Chris SmithWallachian, 1456 AD89223120165761
32Kevin EverardEarly Achaemenid Persian, 492 AD7820141232149*
41Dave MadiganNew Kingdom Egyptian, 1479 BC75122027162978
54Drew JarmanEarly Armenian, 83 BC71201817163257
63John BrookerSyracusan, 341 BC63121321846*9
79Gareth EvansLater Hungarian, 1456 AD60141220146123
85Haiden FisherMarian Roman, 53 BC5710321508*46
97Andy BrookerAbbasid Arab, 868 AD54321516*814


For Roll Call results with other rules and periods, see—results.html

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