Player Rankings 2019-20

DBM RANKINGS 2019-2020

11Jeremy MorganTerrapins480
24Chris SmithMercenary371.3
3=3John Graham-LeighMikland467.3
3=2Dave MadiganReigate367.3
57Russell KingMikland456.3
6=11Ian PudneyIlford454
6=13Paul BradyEssex Warriors354
816Derek BruceSouthampton343.3
9=12Paul ApredaMercenary236
9=17Nick ColesMercenary236
115John VaughanCowards334.3
129John CalvertMikland329.7
1321Duncan ThompsonSwindon427.3
14=8Richard PerryCardiff126.7
14=14Gavin PearsonGloucester126.7
14=35Neil HepworthGloucester126.7
1722Martin GolayPenarth226
1810David SheppardBath324.3
1927Tony GreenScimitar122.7
20Stuart BruceSouthampton122
2119Drew JarmanEssex Warriors220
226Kevin EverardCowards218.3
23Dean AstilberryCowards115
2439Peter HockadayEssex Warriors213
2524Tim MyallEssex Warriors110.7
26=25Pete ConnewFrome1  8
26=31Richard NewlandFrome1  8
28=28Robin Honey-FrazerCowards1  5.7
28=Mark AllisonCowards1  5.7
30=39Richard GillNorwich Rearguard1  3.3
30= Paul FarbonNorwich Rearguard1  3.3
32=33Ken CooperSELWG1  2.7
32=34Andy DownMercenary1  2.7
34=36John MeeFrome1  0.3
34=Steve EtheridgeFrome1  0.3
34=Kevin BakerCowards1  0.3
34=Neil BakerCowards1  0.3
34=Adam MicheliCowards1  0.3

These rankings include the following competitions

Climb British Camp, August 2019

Iceni, September 2019

Vexillum, October 2019

Caesaromagus, November 2019

Godendag (Replacement Bus), January 2020

Venta Silurum, Westbury Wars and Attack were all cancelled because of the Covid 19 lockdown.

All competitions have been weighted equally, scoring 80 points for 1st place and 1 point for last place in traditional BHGS fashion.  Each player’s best three scores (or all scores, if fewer than three competitions played) have been added and the total divided by three.  Three rather than the usual four scores have been used because there were only five competitions instead of the usual eight.

Jeremy Morgan further extended his winning run with another perfect score, winning three competitions.

JGL 14.7.2020

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