Player Rankings 2018-2019

DBM RANKINGS 2018-2019

11Jeremy MorganTerrapins880
22Dave MadiganReigate573
33John Graham-LeighMikland772
45Chris SmithMercenary469.25
510John VaughanCowards568.5
611Kevin EverardCowards462.5
73Russell KingMikland756.5
812Richard PerryCardiff355.5
98John CalvertMikland649.25
107David SheppardBath645.25
1129Ian PudneyIlford341.25
1215Paul ApredaMercenary437.5
13Paul BradyEssex Warriors230.25
14=19Gavin PearsonGloucester229.5
14=9Andy BrookerCowards329.5
1621Derek BruceSouthampton326.75
17=25Dan SheppardBath224.75
17=18Nick ColesMercenary424.75
19=6John BrookerCowards222.75
19=27Drew JarmanEssex Warriors322.75
2114Duncan ThompsonSwindon622.25
2231Martin GolayPenarth422
23Ken WarrenCowards118.25
2413Tim MyallEssex Warriors217.5
2530Pete ConnewFrome217.25
2620Tony BellScimitar216.75
27Tony GreenScimitar216.25
28=36Bob BillingCowards114.75
28=Kim BrookerCowards114.75
28=15Robin Honey-FrazerCowards114.75
31Richard NewlandFrome113
3234Pete HowlandMikland111
3332Ken CooperSELWG310.25
3435Andy DownMercenary38.25
35Neil HepworthGloucester18
36=28John MeeFrome14.25
36=17Ed GilheadMercenary14.25
36=Graham BullSELWG14.25
39=26Peter HockadayEssex Warriors10.25
39=25Richard GillNorwich Rearguard10.25
39=Paul FarbonNorwich Rearguard10.25


These rankings include the following competitions

Climb British Camp, September 2018

Iceni, September 2018

Vexillum, October 2018

Caesaromagus, November 2018

Godendag, January 2019

Venta Silurum, April 2019

Westbury Wars, May 2019

Attack, July 2019

All competitions have been weighted equally, scoring 80 points for 1st place and 1 point for last place in traditional BHGS fashion. Each player’s best four scores (or all scores, if fewer than four competitions played) have been added and the total divided by four.

Six players who appeared in the previous year’s rankings did not play this time, but five others returned and we welcome three new players for a net increase of two.

Once again Jeremy Morgan extended his winning run with another perfect score, winning four competitions. He was also the only player to attend every competition.

JGL 22.7.2019

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