Doubles 2020


15mm 500 AP DBM Doubles

PosnTeam NoPlayersArmyTotal ScoreScores by roundOpponents by round
  12John Graham-Leigh & Russell KingPtolemaic, 270 BC327101051536
  26Martin Golay & Tony GreenNikephorian Byzantine, 1040 AD24310655182
  33Nick Coles & Paul ApredaMithridatic, 100 BC23580104728
  44Ian Pudney & Paul BradySassanid Persian, 359 AD2255753857
  55Derek BruceNikephorian Byzantine, 1025 AD1970396241
  67Duncan ThompsonHussite, 1423 AD1652458314
  78Ken Cooper & Andy DownWars of the Roses English, 1486 AD1455407463
  81David Sheppard & John CalvertLater Sargonid Assyrian, 668 BC1030612675

Godendag at Firestorm Games was booked for 11/12 January, but was moved to a later date inconvenient for many DBM players.  Paul Apreda generously arranged a competition in Corntown on the original dates, which he called a “replacement bus”.

The other four doubles competitions planned for 2020 were cancelled because of Government restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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