Doubles 2005

GODENDAG 2005 Results

PosnTeam NoPlayersArmyTotal ScoreScores by roundOpponents by round
  123Neil Hammond

Jeremy Morgan

Early Imperial Roman

190 AD

  246Richard Perry

Jason Scott

Welsh, 1405 AD35510101045401325
  310Alasdair Harley

Derek Bruce

Early Hu, 395 BC349105109311556
  437Ian Speed

Craig Allen

Early Samurai, 1099 AD3210571038443448
  5=11Joe Blacker

Marcus Decelis

Gallic, 347 BC3010100101272319
  5=45Don McHugh

Steve Hacker

Ottoman, 1389 AD3051010546394423
  7=2Phil Reeves

Keith Westwood

Ugaritic, 1184 BC298768142116
  7=21Richard Love

Stuart Bruce

Parthian, 225 BC291054102225251
  953Adrian Clarke

Fred Cartwright

French Ordonnance

1481 AD

1015Andy Claxton

Steve Taylor

Chu Chinese, 300 BC27810541651053
11=25Andy Whitby

Dave Allen

Patrician Roman, 455 AD2510510026212846
11=43Richard Young

Chris Ager

Sicilian, 1284 AD250107844414734
13=27Chris Richards

Max Irving

Patrician Roman, 466 AD2401041028263618
13=28John Phipps

Simon Clarke

Northern Wei, 501 AD241050927342533
15=16Brian O’Dea

Duncan Aynsley

Gallic, 226 BC2329102155442
15=47Martin Golay

Neil Mason

Welsh, 1405 AD2301031048554352
15=56Dave Madigan

Alex Madigan

Polynesian (Rapa Nui)

1500 AD

18=44Chris McNeil

John Nicolson

Ottoman, 1386 AD221050743374549
18=48Martin Hayes

Roger Draper

Hundred Years War English

1415 AD

20=13Dene Green

Paul Freeman

Classical Indian, 321 BC21104071419467
20=17Mike Baldwin

Dave Lowrie

Ch’in Chinese, 209 BC21655518303536
20=42Richard Bodley ScottLater Carthaginian, 202 BC21100564123720
20=30Bryan Edwards

David Edwards

Rus, 971 AD21655529174935
20=35Steve Littlefield

Geoff Hanney

Fanatic Berber, 1087 AD21655536491730
20=36Wayne Charlton

Hayden Leach

Early Samurai, 1099 AD21466535292717
20=50Simon Green

Roger Randall

Ming Chinese, 1454 AD214701049525354
27=19John Graham-Leigh

Russell King

Later Carthaginian, 202 BC201064020135611
27=22Nigel Phillips

Clive Vaughan

Early Imperial Roman

50 AD

27=34Patrick Dale

Phil Steele

Konstantinian Byzantine

1071 AD

27=51Ned Bodley Scott


Serbian Empire, 1459 AD206410052533121
31=4Ade Nash

Andy Ruston

New Kingdom Egyprian

1175 BC

31=20Alistair Wright

Andrew Banks

Seleucid, 190 BC19096419142442
31=31Roger Gregory

Dave Morrison

Rus, 974 AD199001032105138
31=32Keith McGlynn

Jimmy Walton

Hsi-Hsia, 982 AD19153103194039
31=40Jerry HendyFeudal French, 1213 AD19507739463229
31=49Kevin Jackson

Kevin Fisher

Serbian Empire, 1450 AD19655350353044
37=7Nigel Poole

John Patrick

Saitic Egyptian, 590 BC18100538114213
37=24Jason Dawson

Colin Marsden

Sassanid Persian, 359 AD1808462322208
39=3Colin Sanders

David Glew

Trojan, 1180 BC1725554185
39=5Mike Bradford

Dan McLaughlin

Middle Assyrian, 882 BC17606561513
41=8Paul Apreda

Nick Coles

Classical Indian, 500 BC160754712324
41=33Mark Clarke

Stuart Whigham

Feudal Spanish, 1050 AD16051013438628
43=26Phil Barker

Sue Barker

Patrician Roman, 457 AD15009625274155
43=29Stephen Welford

Mike Carroll

Abbasid Arab, 820 AD15444330365240
4514Philip Watts

Ryan Watts

Early Carthaginian, 308 BC1401491320556
46=1Phil Baxter

Paul Farr

Hyksos, 1589 BC1325422354
46=18Nigel Britton

Dave Fisher

Gallic, 202 BC1349001764827
46=52Jon Martin

Bjorn Andersen

Medieval Scandinavian

(Union), 1473 AD

49=9Mike Lane

John Rolfe

Tullian Roman, 400 BC12155110325422
49=12Ken Cooper

Andy Down

Alexandrian Imperial

328 BC

5155Peter Connew

David    Wharf

Ming Chinese, 1498 AD11106456471426
52=38Les Ames

Dave Haynes

Fanatic Berber, 1120 AD10055037333931
52=39Graham Williams

Bob Fletcher

Christian Nubian, 1175 AD10505040453832
52=54John Breckenridge

Steve Farrell

Later Hungarian, 1495 AD1041505316950
556Paul Greenwood

Tony Rodwell

Middle Assyrian, 745 BC  641015183314
5641Graham Bull

Mark Campbell

Teutonic Order, 1240 BC  3001242432612


WAR CRY 2005

500 AP DBM Doubles, Clevedon

Round 2 of the South West League

PosnTeam No.PlayersArmyScore by roundTotal ScoreOpponents by round
  11John Graham-Leigh

Russell King

Later Carthaginian

202 BC

  25Dave Allen

Andrew Whitby

Early Samurai

1284 AD

  312Martin Binns

Steve Pearse

Lydian, 546 BC1044102818932
  49Don McHugh

Steve Hacker

Later Hoplite Greek

325 BC

  5=7Derek Bruce

Alasdair Harley

Ottoman, 1387 AD6105526101493
  5=22Richard Perry

Jason Scott

Medieval Portuguese

1389 AD

  5=3Duncan Aynsley

Brian O’Dea

Later Hungarian

1499 AD

  8=13Kevin Shillito

John Soper

Mycenean, 1600 BC0105102531884
  8=10Keith Westwood

Phil Reeves

Later Carthaginian

213 BC

106Keith McGlynn

Barry Gregory

Hsi-Hsia, 982 AD4691202211215
118Kevin Fisher

Kevin Jackson

Serbian Empire

1450 AD

122John Patrick

Dave Morrison

Timurid, 1402 AD10530181631012
13=17Paul Apreda

Nick Coles

Classical Indian

500 BC

13=16Jimmy Walton

Chris Lewis

Alamanni, 406 AD00610162*1518
13=21Phil Barker

Sue Laflin-Barker

Patrician Roman

457 AD

1611Jerry HendyFeudal French, 1213 AD640515*6120
17=14Mike Baldwin

Dave Lowrie

Later Carthaginian

240 BC

17=20Nigel Britton

Dave Fisher

Anglo-Norman, 1151 AD603514822411
194Steve Taylor

Andy Claxton

Ugaritic, 1250 BC40701117102013
2018Mike Klaka

Jenny Klaka

Alexandrian Imperial

325 BC

0060  61213*16
2115Philip Watts

Ryan Watts

Early Carthaginian

340 BC

0140  592116*

* = opponent was Clevedon Club scratch team





15mm 500 AP doubles

PosnTeam No.PlayersArmyRoundTotalOpponents
  116Brian O’Dea & Duncan AynsleyMedieval Postuguese, 1380 AD10510530151995
  25Don McHugh & Steve HackerCh’u Chinese, 306 BC49105286171316
  33Derek BruceEarly Hu, 359 BC56105261101112
  4=12Ian Speed & Craig AllenEarly Samurai, 1100 AD51055251018193
  4=19Kevin Fisher & Kevin JacksonSerbian Empire, 1450 AD10555252016126
  6=10Jimmy Walton & Kevin ShillitoItalian Ostrogothic, 546 AD5451024123113
  6=1Keith Westwood & Phil ReevesLydian, 546 BC5451024321011
  6=9Andy Claxton & Steve TaylorPatrician Roman, 465 AD980724711162
  96Neil Hepworth & Gavin PearsonAncient British, 54 BC665522513219
104Paul Apreda & Nick ColesClassical Indian, 322 BC465621272018
11=15John Graham-Leigh & Russell KingPost-Mongol Russian, 1252 AD09652016141720
11=2Mark Clarke & Mike BradfordCh’i Chinese, 540 BC6653204169
11=20Keith McGlynnWars of the Roses English (Tudor), 1486 AD0105520198415
1418John PatrickTimurid, 1405 AD5010419171274
1514Dave HughesSicilian, 1270 AD1197181315817
16=7John Orange & Clive DudleyAlan, 395 AD14081394188
16=13Dave Allen & Andy WhitbyEarly Samurai, 1200 AD940013146510
16=17Steve Welford & Mike CarrollWelsh, 1405 AD5143131851514
1911Dave MorrisonAbbasid Arab, 817 AD10200128931
208Nigel PooleMedieval Scandinavian (Swedish)0012  31120147

Winner of the Michael Grant Award (for being a sporting Good Chap): Mark Clarke

Winner of the Peter Glew Trophy (for losing with a smile): Nigel Poole




15mm 500 AP doubles


PosnTeam No.PlayersArmyRoundTotalOpponents
  1  8Martyn Bolton

Jeremy Morgan

Pictish, 400 AD


  212John Patrick

Dave Morrison

Abbasid Arab

837 AD

  3=  4Andy Claxton

Steve Taylor

Skythian, 250 BC695727310166
  3=14Keith Westwood

Phil Reeves


955 AD

  3=16Alasdair Harley

Derek Bruce

Ottoman, 1387 AD1065627151848
  6  1Martin Binns

Steve Pearce

Lydian, 546 BC596525291814
  718Kevin Fisher

Kevin Jackson

Serbian Empire

1450 AD

  8  6John Graham-Leigh

Russell King

Later Carthaginian

202 BC

  9=11Dave Allen

Andrew Whitby

Patrician Roman

486 AD

  9=13Mike Klaka

Jenn Klaka

Early Samurai

900 AD

1117Martyn Rogers

John Calvert

Timurid, 1402 AD05104191813910
1210Stephen Welford

Mike Carroll

Patrician Roman

460 AD

13=  3Chris LewisLater Achaemenid Persian

401 BC

13=  2David SheppardMacedonian Early Successor

272 BC

15=  5Andy Dallman

John Glanvill

Gallic, 224 BC010051567132
15=15Bath   Wargames ClubEarly Crusader, 1101 AD0051015161179
17  9Duncan Thompson

Ben Thompson

Late Imperial Roman

407 AD

5100  61011715
18  7Keith McGlynn

Chanel Stevens

Han Chinese, 200 BC0050  5851511




ATTACK! 2005 Results

15mm DBM doubles


PosnTeam NoPlayersArmyTotal ScoreScores by roundOpponents by round
  133Kevin Fisher

Dave Allen

Serbian Empire, 1450 AD36106101034232226
  2  4Richard Perry

Jason Scott

Chou Chinese, 700 BC3359910310208
  3  2Steve Littlefield

Geoff Hanney

Early Libyan, 1200 BC3210751015816
  4=26Tim Porter

Mick Owens

Swedish Leidang, 1200 AD30101010025172933
  4=29Alasdair Harley

Derek Bruce

Ottoman, 1387 AD3010100103031265
  612Don McHugh

Steve Hacker

Later Carthaginian

240 BC

  7=  9Mark Clarke

Dino Monticoli

Ch’i Chinese, 540 BC256541010142420
  7=  8Mike Bradford

Dan McLaughlin

Lydian, 546 BC2510105071224
  7=30John Patrick

Dave Morrison

Timurid, 1399 AD250101052934183
1023John Graham-Leigh

Russell King

Sung Chinese, 970 AD249411024331613
11=  3Keith Westwood

Phil Reeves

New Kingdom Egyptian

1184 BC

11=11Andy Claxton

Steve Taylor

Skythian, 299 BC23031010127628
11=17Andy Clarke

Stuart Bruce

Palmyran, 269 AD231006718263115
14=16Bryan Edwards

Graham Bull

Palmyran, 267 AD22310901519232
14=24Paul Stovell

James Stovell

Andalusian, 1090 AD22110652325922
16=  1Les Shuttlewood

Dave Stapleford

Pre-Vedic Indian, 2700 BC210651026718
16=21Mike Klaka

Jenn Klaka

Early Samurai, 900 AD21445822132831
16=22Grahame Horwood

Max Irving

Rus, 961 AD216100521273324
1925Chris McNeil

Ken Cooper

Burmese, 1174 AD2000101026243227
2015Paul Apreda

Duncan Robinson

Classical Indian, 181 BC19745316201417
21=  5Adam Worsdale

Martin Van Tol

Neo-Assyrian Later

Sargonid, 660 BC

21=10Dave Putt

Chris Lewis

Later Achaemenid Persian

401 BC

22=14Keith McGlynn

Beth McGlynn

Han Chinese, 200 BC1665501391512
22=20Kevin Shillito

Jimmy Walton

Italian Ostrogothic

549 AD

22=31Martyn Rogers

John Calvert

Timurid, 1401 AD161004232291721
26  7Graham Willmott

George Trytsman

Lydian, 546 BC150753811110
27=  6Martin Binns

Steve Pearce

Lydian, 546 BC1404010511119
27=13Colin Evans

David Hughes

Later Carthaginian

235 BC

2928Joe Blacker

John Nicolson

Medieval Portuguese

1385 AD

30=18Adrian Garbett

Stuart Whigham

Alamanni, 406 AD10010001732301
30=34James Parker

Kieron Smith

Burgundian Ordonnance

1471 AD

3227David Glew

Colin Sanders

Hundred Years War

English, 1346 AD

3319Duncan Thompson

Ben Thompson

Late Imperial Roman

407 AD

3432Adrian Bird

David Spencer

Later Polish, 1410 AD  4000431182534


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