Caesaromagus 2014


15mm DBM singles

PosnNoNameTeamArmyTotal ScoreScore by roundOpponents by


  11Kevin EverardCCEarly Achaemenid Persian, 550 BC1021631272821746
  216Dave MadiganMercLater Hungarian, 1442 AD952013323015952
  311Drew JarmanEWKhurasanian, 963 AD80211614291210914
  46Darrell PearceMercGraeco-Indian, 135 BC801432304518141
  57John VaughanCCHan Chinese, 120 BC7612301816915104
  610Chris SmithMercDynastic Bedouin, 955 AD752316142281179
  74Jeremy MorganMercPolybian Roman, 197 BC71321851631417
  89Gareth EvansMercKushan, 50 AD67201918107161110
  9=2Ian PudneyMercCh’in Chinese, 225 BC651616312151316
  9=3John BrookerCCLater Carthaginian, 210 BC650331314131518
1117Peter HockadayEWLater Swiss, 1475 AD591611923181128
125Andy BrookerCCAttalid Pergamene, 185 BC561816022621612
1312Ed GilheadMercIslamic Berber, 1100 AD5111171310118175
14=14Kevin BakerCCWelsh, 1401 AD49301423134611
14=8Haiden FisherCCMarian Roman, 89 BC4991516910121817
1613Tim MyallEWChristian Nubian, 1175 AD46229114143215
1715Paul BradyEWItalian Condotta, 1422 AD33122118167313
1818Neil BakerCCFrench Ordonnance, 1481 AD3316016117683

3rd/4th and 17th/18th positions decided on tiebreak

Teams: CC = Coltishall Cowards, EW = Essex Warriors.  Coltishall Cowards won the team competition.

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