Doubles League 2015


PosnPlayersGodendag UskVenta Silurum CorntownAttack! DevizesIceni HovetonVexillum FromeBest three Scores
  1Jeremy Morgan & Richard Perry372223263194
  2Derek & Stuart Bruce2724223485
  3John Graham-Leigh & Russell King212323242673
  4David Sheppard2121152365
  5John Calvert1421152662
  6Kevin Everard18222161
  7Paul Apreda2021181459
  8John Vaughan1822171057
  9Ken Cooper15221754
10Duncan Thompson22  9  9151552
11Nick Coles14211449
12Dave Madigan & Chris Smith212647
13Martin Golay & Tony Green242246
14Andy Brooker & John Brooker252045
15Andy Down152237
16Matthew Vaughan171027
17Steve Aspinall131225
18=Peter Connew131124
18=Gareth Evans2424
18=John Mee2424
21Richard Gill2222
22=Robin Honey-Frazer2121
22=Drew Jarman2121
24Graham Bull1717
25=Bob Billing1010
25=Mark Allison1010
25=Kevin Baker1010
28Ed Gilhead  9  9


34 players



Past Winners

1995Pete Haines and Neil Parsons
1996Ian Speed and Craig Allen
1997Andy Claxton and Phil Claxton
1998Steve Hacker and Don McHugh
1999Andy Whitby and Dave Sheppard
2000Keith Westwood and Phil Reeves
2001John Lavender and Ian Speed
2002Tim Porter and Mick Owens
2003Keith Westwood and Phil Reeves
2004Keith Westwood and Phil Reeves
2005Richard Perry & Jason Scott
2006Ian Speed & Craig Allen
2007Ian Speed & Craig Allen
2008Jeremy Morgan & Neil Hammond
2009John Graham-Leigh & Russell King
2010Mike Bennett & Colin Sharpe
2011Dave Madigan & Chris Smith
2012Richard Hardy & Tony Bell
2013Jeremy Morgan & Richard Perry
2014Derek Bruce & Stuart Bruce
2015Jeremy Morgan & Richard Perry



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